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iconfessed's Journal

for Iconfession stamped in members
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All Members
This is a closed community for stamped members of iconfession.

Members, please make all posts friends only. If you have not been sent a request to join here, please join the community, and I will accept you once I get the membership request:)

If you wish to be a member here, please head on over to iconfession and apply. If you are accepted, you will be allowed in to this closed community.

About our challenges

This is the community that all of the icon challenges will be hosted in. Ichallenges will be held weekly, and all members are urged to participate. Winners will recieve community points that can be spent on various things, like icon sets, promotional spots and even, if you get enough, a custom paid livejournal layout made by myself.

1st place challenge winners;
yogurt - winning icon